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For the ultimate in situational awareness, the GMX 200 multi-function display leads the pack with a viewing area almost 20% larger than other panel-mounted MFDs and offers several interface options including FliteCharts® and SafeTaxi®, which come standard. GMX 200 is available in 4 versions for even more choices in the cockpit: Standard, Traffic, Radar/TAWS and Radar/Traffic.

Get the Big Picture

You'll always get the big picture with GMX 200's sunlight-readable, high-resolution, 640 x 480 display. In addition to its 6.5-inch AMLCD display, it comes with enhanced backlighting that dramatically improves color and contrast, making chart depictions and images easier to read in all lighting conditions.

Reduce Your Workload

GMX 200 is easy to use with multiple functions and useful features that make navigation simple:

See your aircraft's position relative to terrain, obstructions, weather, airways, navaids and restricted airspace.
Select between several charting options, and easily add or remove details with the simple press of a soft key.
Rotary knob allows for quicker map scale changes and entry of data.
Front-loading SD card slot makes it easy to update charts.
Fits in same panel space as the MX20 and includes more serial ports for added sensor capacity.
Enhance Situational Awareness

The GMX 200 includes high resolution terrain and hydrography data for the entire world which is preloaded for an unmatched presentation even at the lower zoom scales. The basemap with cities, roads, rivers and lakes has been added to further improve situational awareness. An aviation database featuring Jeppesen® NavData™ is used to draw airports, airways, navaids, airspace and more. Map scales range from 1/4 of a mile to a whopping 2,500 miles. A unique split screen function allows you to simultaneously view 2 charting options along with the vertical profile for the elevation of the terrain along the route of flight.

Add ChartView™

The optional ChartView feature can be added to further enhance situational awareness in the airport and terminal areas. Surface diagrams are automatically displayed on departure and arrival to assist with taxiing unfamiliar airports or in conditions of poor visibility. Your aircraft's position can also be overlaid on the electronic approach chart to provide a visual crosscheck while helping to reduce pilot workload. All of the ChartView plates are seamlessly stitched into the custom mapping options.

Add FliteCharts®

With the addition of FliteCharts, an electronic version of the AeroNav U.S. Terminal Procedures Publication. FliteCharts lets pilots quickly find and view all AeroNav Departure Procedures (DP), Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs), approach charts, and airport diagrams on the MFD. GMIX 200’s equipped with FliteCharts will have access to all U.S. approach plates currently published by NACO, which includes 14,000 approach plates at more than 2,900 airports. FliteCharts are not geo-referenced. We offer updates every 28 days.

Add SafeTaxi®

With SafeTaxi, GMX 200 owners will navigate unfamiliar airports with confidence. SafeTaxi displays runways, taxiways, intersections, airport Hot Spots, FBOs, and hangars while simultaneously depicting the aircraft’s exact location and movement on the field. SafeTaxi currently includes more than 850 U.S. airport diagrams and seamlessly integrates with the GMX 200’s existing basemap. We offer updates for SafeTaxi every 56 days.

Add Weather

With the addition of the GDL 69, you can add XM® WX Satellite Weather information to the GMX 200. Graphical weather depictions including NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, TFRs, winds aloft, echo tops, precipitation type at the surface, lightning strikes, storm-cell data, AIRMETs and SIGMETs can be received and displayed regardless of altitude. Combine animated NEXRAD images with the maximum zoom range of 2500nm and a nationwide view of the weather is presented on 1 screen. The GMX 200 also provides a user interface for the more than 150 channels of XM audio with the GDL 69A.

Choose Your Version

The GMX 200 comes in 4 versions: Standard, Traffic, Radar/TAWS and Radar/Traffic.

GMX 200 Standard — supports interface to the GDL 90 ADS-B transceiver.
GMX 200 Traffic — supports interfaces to Garmin TIS transponders, select TCAS 1 and TAS systems, and the GDL 90 ADS-B transceiver.
GMX 200 Radar/TAWS — supports interfaces to the Garmin GWX 68 radar, other onboard radar systems, select TAWS sensors, and the GDL 90 ADS-B transceiver.
GMX 200 Radar/Traffic — supports interfaces for traffic, Garmin GWX 68 radar, select TAWS sensors and the GDL 90 ADS-B transceiver.
The GMX 200 may be interfaced with the our 400/500 series, GNS 480™, the GDL 69/69A, the GTX 330/33™, the GDL 90™, the GWX 68, as well as other manufacturers' GPS navigation equipment.

GMX 200 Standard: Not compatible with Traffic Systems, Onboard Radar Systems or TAWS. See GMX 200 Traffic, GMX 200 Radar/TAWS or GMX 200 Radar/Traffic.
GMX 200 Traffic: Not compatible with Onboard Radar Systems or TAWS. See GMX 200 Radar/TAWS or GMX 200 Radar/Traffic. Contact Product Support for a list of compatible Traffic systems.
GMX 200 Radar/TAWS: Compatible with Onboard Radar Systems and TAWs.
GMX 200 Radar/Traffic: Contact Product Support for list of compatible Onboard Radar Systems.