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Digital Instruments:

The aviation industry has an enormous need for more reliable and cost effective tools for performing standard pitot-static system leak tests, FAR 91-411 and/or FAR 43 Appendix E certifications.
These needs motivated Barfield to design and produce
digital replacement instruments for the Barfield 1811 series and equivalent testers.

The DALT55 Digital Altimeter and the DAS650 Digital Airspeed indicator were designed to be a direct replacement to the current analog instruments. Being of similar shape and size of existing analog instruments, the new digital version fits all Barfield 1811 series and most other manufacturers of analog pitot-static test sets.

Standard analog instruments provided in a Barfield 1811 series or equivalent pitot-static tester are delicate mechanical devices easily damaged or destroyed by inexperienced or distracted technicians. The DALT55 and DAS650 use stateof-the-art transducer technology for pressure measurements making them virtually immune to the frequent and costly repairs generally associated with analog instruments.

DALT55 & DAS650 Accessories:

The102-02110 Battery Kit was developed to provide rechargeable battery power to Barfield’s new Digital Instrument products (DALT55 / DAS650). With a fully charged 102-02110 battery pack, the Digital Instruments will operate approximately 15 hours without recharging.

This will eliminate having to stock an endless supply of alkaline batteries. It is recommended that an extra (backup) 102-02110 be purchased and charged so that the Digital Instruments are always ready for use.


> Transducer technology provides the highest
   accuracy and best long-term stability available
   for line maintenance equipment
> DALT55 displays Altitude and VSI simultaneously
> DAS650 displays airspeed; Mach is also displayed         
   when coupled with the DALT55
> An auto-zero function executes at each power-on,  
   increasing airspeed accuracy
> No correction card needed
> Leak testing mode: activated by a single keystroke,        
   displays leak rates in ft/min, knots/min and metric
   equivalent units
> Backlit displays for easy reading during nighttime
> 1-year calibration cycle (OEM suggested cycle)

DALT55 & DAS650 Dimensions:

                                     in.        cm.
Bezel Length            3.41     8.66
Bezel Width              3.41      8.66
Instrument Depth    4.29     10.9
Body Diameter         3.00     7.62

                                     lbs.       kg
DALT55 Weight        1.4       0.581
DAS650 Weight        1.3       0.531