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Pitot Static Test Set:

The Barfield 1811D is an inexpensive, portable, self-contained field tester. It is ideal for leak testing aircraft pitot and static systems or on-board testing of altimeters and airspeed indicators. The tester uses two analog or digital instruments (Altimeter and Airspeed) to perform aircraft leak tests or instrument calibration checks.

All 1811 series testers are configured with hand pumps and external pressure ports for supplying the necessary pressure and vacuum needed for on-board testing. The Barfield 1811 series pitot/static testers are very practical for new facilities or those with a limited budget.

The unit includes two 25-ft. hoses, a pitot mast adapter, and a 2423F static port adapter kit.

The following is a list of available configurations:

1811D405  (60-420kts, 35k ft.) analog instruments
1811D605  (20-250kts, 35k ft.) analog instruments
1811D403  (60-420kts, 50k ft.) analog instruments
1811D603  (20-250kts, 50k ft.) analog instruments
1811DA0A (20-650kts, 55k ft.) digital instruments

Digital instruments do not require correction cards.
1811D Accessories:

115-00056    Hose Kit (2 ea. - 25 ft.) incl. Pitot Adapt.
                    (Included with new testers)
115-00218    Hose Kit (2 ea. - 40 ft.) incl. Pitot Adapt.
115-00057    Pitot Tube Adapter Assy. (1/2 inner dia.)
2423F          Static Port Adapter Kit


> Ideal for flightline calibration checks and
> Performs precision Pitot-Static leak tests
> Two-instrument combination with optional ranges
> Correction cards for all analog instruments
> Fully portable and self-contained
   (No electric or external pressure sources needed)
> Lightweight plastic case for portability
> Digital instruments contain four indications
   (altitude, airspeed, vertical speed and mach)
> 1-year calibration cycle for digital 1811s

1811D Dimensions:

                  in.     cm.
Height       11.3   28.7
Width        18.0   45.7
Depth        12.0   30.5
                   lbs.  kg
Weight       18    8.2