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Pitot Static Test Set:

The Barfield 1811HA testers are portable, selfcontained units, used for testing and calibrating aircraft pitot-static systems. The tester has threeinstrument capability for analog (Altimeter, Vertical Speed, and Airspeed) units to perform aircraft leak tests or instrument calibrations.

All 1811 series testers are configured with hand pumps and external pressure ports for supplying the necessary pressure and vacuum needed for on-board testing and calibration. 1811HA models come with an additional internal electric pump. The Barfield 1811 series of Air Data testers are practical for new facilities or for those with a limited budget.

The unit includes two 25-ft hoses, a pitot mast adapter, a 2423F static port adapter kit and a pitot-static system cd-rom.

The following is a list of common configurations:

1811HA425  (60-420kts, 2k ft/min, 35k ft.) analog
1811HA435  (60-420kts, 3k ft/min, 35k ft.) analog
1811HA445  (60-420kts, 4k ft/min, 35k ft.) analog
1811HA465  (60-420kts, 6k ft/min, 35k ft.) analog
1811HA625  (20-250kts, 2k ft/min, 35k ft.) analog
1811HA635  (20-250kts, 3k ft/min, 35k ft.) analog
1811HA645  (20-250kts, 4k ft/min, 35k ft.) analog
1811HA665  (20-250kts, 6k ft/min, 35k ft.) analog
1811HA423  (60-420kts, 2k ft/min, 50k ft.) analog
1811HA433  (60-420kts, 3k ft/min, 50k ft.) analog
1811HA443  (60-420kts, 4k ft/min, 50k ft.) analog
1811HA463  (60-420kts, 6k ft/min, 50k ft.) analog
1811HAAOA (20-650kts, 6k ft/min, 55k ft.) digital

Digital instruments do not require correction cards.

1811HA Accessories:

115-00056   Hose Kit (2 ea. - 25 ft.) incl. Pitot Adapt.
                  (Included with new testers)
115-00218   Hose Kit (2 ea. - 40 ft.) incl. Pitot Adapt.
115-00057   Pitot Tube Adapter Assy. (1/2 inner dia.)
2423F         Static Port Adapter Kit


> Compact fiberglass case allows unit to fit in tight     
> Performs on-board instrument calibration checks
> Performs precision Pitot-Static leak tests
> Three-instrument capability for analog units with
   optional ranges
> Correction cards for all analog instruments
> Operates from 115/230 VAC 50-400 Hz
> Fully portable, self-contained
   (No electric or external pressure sources required)
> Vacuum & pressure hand pumps installed
> Digital instruments contain four indications
   (altitude, airspeed, vertical speed and mach)
> 1-year calibration cycle for digital 1811

1811HA Dimensions:

                   in.      cm.
Height       9.76   24.8
Width        15.4    39.1
Depth       14.9    37.8
                   lbs.     kg
Weight      30      13.6