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Digital Pitot Static Test Set

The Barfield DPS350 Air Data Tester is a microprocessorbased unit using the latest in transducer technology. The DPS350 operates similar to Barfield’s 1811 series testers but the transducer technology used is virtually immune to the costly repairs generally experienced by analog instruments.

Software containing a programmable protection limit feature has been incorporated into the DPS350 to insulate the aircraft instruments from damage caused by negative airspeed and over pressurization conditions.

Limit protection is provided by computer actuated solenoid valves that safeguard aircraft altitude, airspeed, rate of climb/decent and mach instruments. The high accuracy and a stability (see Air Data Specifications for details) exhibited by the transducers qualifies the DPS350 for use on aircraft being certified for Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) operation and increases the calibration interval from 30 days to once a year.

The simple menu driven digital display calculates and displays Altitude, Vertical Speed, Airspeed, EPR and
other measurements in various units of measure, including: Ft, M, Kts, Km/hr, Mach, Ft/min, M/min, EPR (Pt/Ps), inHg, mb, and psia. The tester also includes internal pumps that can produce a pressure and vacuum suitable for simulating 55K Ft, 650 Knots, and 6000 Ft/min conditions in wide body aircraft.

DPS350 Accessories:

115-00443 Hose Kit (2 ea. - 25 Ft.) incl. Pitot Adapt.
115-00057 Pitot Tube Adapter Assy. (1/2” inner Dia.)
2423F Static Port Adapter Kit
B-QC4-B-4ANK5-ZN Static (Blue) Hose Quick Connector
B-QC4-B-4ANK2-ZN Pitot (Org.) Hose Quick Connector
B-QC4-D1-400-K5 Static (Blue) Panel Quick Connector
B-QC4-D1-400-K2 Pitot (Org.) Panel Quick Connector


> Transducer Technology provides the highest
   accuracy and best longterm stability available for  
   line maintenance equipment
> Menu-driven operator interface
   provides protection
   of instruments under test with programmable
   limits on the following  parameters:
    •  Altitude (feet or meters)
    •  Airspeed (knots or km/hr) 
    •  Rate of Climb (ft/min or m/min)
    •  Mach (mach)
> Leak testing mode displays leak rates in ft/min,
   knots/min and metric equivalent units
> Meets .0030 inHg accuracy on static channel

DPS350 Dimension:

                  In.      cm.
Height      9.76   24.8
Width       15.4   39.1
Depth      14.9   37.8
                  lbs.    kg
Weight     35      15.