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Digital Pitot Static Test Set:

The new DPS450 completes an entire line of Barfield Digital Pitot-Static/Air Data testers. Designed to minimize aircraft downtime, the DPS450 is the newest and one of the lowest cost fully automated Air Data Testers meeting the high accuracy demands of Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) specifications on the market. All functions of the tester are fully automatic and require no manual sequencing of valves or regulators.

The DPS450 has fully automatic control by means of the menu-driven high contrast electroluminescent display and tactile membrane keypad. The automated controller automatically generates and continuously maintains the input altitude, airspeed or VSI values. The DPS450 precisely maintains the input value (Ps,PT, Airspeed, Alt, etc.) overcoming any pressure values caused by a leaky system.

A precision sensor on the static channel provides high accuracy altitude measurement and simulation. This high accuracy and stability (see Air Data Specifications for details) qualifies the DPS450 for certifying aircraft for RVSM operation and increases the calibration interval from 30 days to once every year.

The sophisticated yet user friendly display is fully programmable for a range of test requirements. It can be configured, with limits and referred units of measurement, for individual aircraft types. The level of information displayed can be determined by the operator to suit the particular task at hand. In addition to the standard pitot-static functions of the DPS450, there are many additional advanced features that include: automatic go-to-ground, leak test mode and device under test protection amongst others.

This enables the operator to undertake flightline testing accurately and efficiently, without compromising safety standards.


> Fully automated unit
> Optional handheld remote control
> Database capable of saving the limit data of    
   different aircraft and stored in a battery backed  
> GO TO GROUND feature automatically and safely  
   depressurizes both systems to ambient pressure
> Compact and lightweight for quick and easy
> Meets .0030 inHg accuracy on static channel

DPS450 Dimension

               in.     cm.
Height    14.0  35.5
Width     20.5  52.0
Depth     10.4  26.5
               lbs.   kg
Weight    33     1