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Digital Pitot Static Test Set

The ADTS206 is a rugged, lightweight three-channel air data test set. Designed with the accuracy and versatility required for fast and efficient flightline ground support, catering for three port ‘smart probes’ as well as two port pitot statics on all civil aircraft.

The safety of aircraft systems during testing is paramount at all times and the design of the ADTS206 makes no concessions against quality, reliability, and accuracy. The ADTS206 incorporates all the best performance and protection features that are valued by users of Barfield air data test sets throughout the aviation industry. Use of the latest robust display and touch screen technologies provides unparalleled clarity and simplicity of use for both first time and experianced air data test set operators.

The sophisticated yet user friendly display is fully programmable for a range of test requirements. It can be configured, with limits and referred units of measurement, for individual aircraft types. Numeric data from the operator is not necessary once programmed, making even complex or extended test procedures a simple error free operation. The level of information displayed can be determined by the operator to clarify expected responses or actions at any test pointIn addition to the standard pitot-static functions of the ADTS206, there are many additional advanced features that include: automatic go-to-ground, leak test mode and device under test protection amongst others.
This enables the operator to undertake flightline testing accurately and efficiently, without compromising safety standards.


> Three independent pressure control channels for
   altitude, airspeed and angle of attack
> Includes advanced hand terminal
> High accuracy resonant silicon sensors on all
   channels, RVSM compliant
> Simple user interface, high visibility colour    
   display, touch screen input
> Compact and lightweight for quick and easy
> Meets .0030 inHg accuracy on static channel


                in.     cm.
Height     15.4   39.1
Width      15.7   40
Depth      21.7   55

                lbs.    kg
Weight    48.4   22