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It is well known that reducing the temperature at which electronics components operate increases their life expectancy. The avionics you depend on for critical navigation and communication functions endure one of the harshest environments of any electronics...the avionics stack! Today’s avionics are housed in smaller and smaller packages that retain heat. They are also subjected to chimney effect, where the heat from the bottom radios rise throughout the entire radio stack, increasing overall operating temperatures. Today, engineers are making greater use of surface mounted devices to reduce size and weight. And although these devices use less power, they are more sensitive to heat.

Fortunately, removing heat from your avionics is easy and inexpensive, making a cooling fan one of the best investments you can make when installing new avionics. A cooling fan will save many times its cost in future maintenance bills. And it will give you the peace of mind knowing your avionics will continue to operate at peak performance. SANDIA Aerospace fans are designed to give you superior performance and long life. You have selected the best avionics for your aircraft, now select the best cooling fan to protect them.


The new generation of Primary Flight Displays (PFD's) are providing today's pilots with better situational awareness than ever before. Navigation, engine and attitude information is now consolidated on two or three large displays that generate even more heat. A loss of cooling air to these units can lead to the possibility of pre-mature failures in your PFD. Since cooling fans are remote mounted and not part of a preflight inspection, fan failures can go undetected. SANDIA Aerospace has solved both of these problems with a line of cooling fans and blowers that will alert the pilot should a fan failure occur so that maintenance can be performed on the fan/blower as soon as possible.

  • Three or Five Port Blowers
  • Axial Fan
  • Fault Detection Option